Clown car?

So, Soni and I are pretty much tired of relying on other people to help us with our condo. I can't even begin to tell you how many times we've been flaked on! We are the types who like to do everything ourselves and have learned over the years to rely on ourselves only. Don't know if that stems from having a non-handy Dad or what? Anyhow, we both have Civics...smaller cars that DO NOT carry big stuff! (I seriously wish I had taken my camera when we tried to STUFF my toilet into the trunk...and then tried to SHOVE it into the backseat! It was more funny looking back on it than when we were actually doing it!) I actually went to Lowe's myself to pick up 105 square feet of tile, grout and 7 backer boards...which are 5'x3'. I left those behind just in case you were wondering! What was I thinking?!
Yesterday, Soni & I had some site to store pickups at Wal*Mart that we needed to pick up. We didn't want to call my cousin with a Pilot b/c he has flaked on us soooo many times already! We just decided to get it done ourselves! It was a TV, a TV stand and 2 LARGE bookcases! Imagine that piled into the back of a Civic!! Just in case you can't, I had Soni take some pictures! Keep in mind that Soni already has a truck-load of stuff that she keeps in her trunk!!

Me in the front seat with the seat all the way forward and the seat in the FULLY upright position. I would have died from the airbag if we got in a wreck!

When Soni pulled up he gave me a look like we were the craziest 2 girls on the planet!!

I got some seriously FUNKY looks from everyone we drove past! I'm sure they were wondering what my damage was?! You have to laugh, right!

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You look uber excited sitting in that front seat! I, being a fellow civic owner, can completely empathize! Keep it up, you'll be done soon!