Another day...another condo!

Well, Soni & I still aren't sure about the short sale condo in's basically a crapshoot since it's up to the bank...and we still don't know if it's going to go up in price. ?

Anyway, I went with our realtor and saw another condo...same complex in's actually a corner unit with no one above, no one below & only 1 common wall. (YAY!) The cute Filipino lady that lived there gave it a ringing endorsement about how quiet & nice the neighbours are...what a difference that will be!
I talked with Soni & the Realtor, we are going to put in an offer on this's not a short sale, just a regular old sale... so REALLY pray for us that we DEFINITELY get this one!!! Thanks! (in advance!)



my fingers are crossed (and my eyes too).

C-squared said...

Thanks! I'm sure that'll help...especially the eyes! Tee-hee!