Moving home

SOoooooo, Soni & I were looking for a place to live that was quieter than our old place, but were unable to find something suitable before we were supposed to be out! Believe me, we were going to go to Target and steal a couple of carts to live in as opposed to moving home. But, Soni talked with my Mom & Dad & now we are back in our old rooms from 5 years ago. It actually hasn't been so bad so far and we are enjoying the central air during this hot summer time! Soni & I met with a realtor and a (whatever the person who tells you if you can afford to buy a house is called), & are in the process of seeing if we are able to purchase a house. Cross your fingers for me!!! For us!!! I'll keep you posted about what is going on. I'll try to be better about posting but August is a busy month at work!

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