Girl's Camp '09!

So, I know...I've neglected this here Blog o' mine. Work has me seriously stressing! That can be a Blog for a different day though if you don't already know the story!

On to Girl's Camp! Our theme this year was S.T.A.R.S.-Standing Together As Righteous know I love stars, so I was AOK with this...way better than last year's Small World theme... :/ Anyhow...Day 1: Monday was wasn't too hot, the girl's were all's the first day of camp. What's not to love?! We had a pretty cool nighttime activity of stargazing that night...and the girls saw 3 shooting stars! With their reaction you would have thought they were actually getting shot at, but they enjoyed it! Day 2: I'm pretty sure that we had more girls injured this year than any 5 years combined! Bee Stings, bloody noses, injured knees, rolled/sprained ankles...poor Dave (our nurse) was on the road between our camp & the boy's camp more often than not. Since it was the second day I was getting to know my Level 2 girls better...I had 3 or 4 that I'd never seen during the pre-camp activities. My group was also the biggest with 18 girls!! I think the next biggest group had I was totally outnumbered! The girl's split into groups and did fun outdoor activities to build team spirit...they played water balloon volleyball, had a water balloon toss, some crazy sheet game, a hula-hoop relay, and a "blow a ping-pong ball across the finish line with a straw" relay. They had a really good time...especially afterwards when they went crazy with the leftover water balloons! The Snipe hunt was tonight for the Level 1 girls...I heard lots of screaming, and Bishop Parry hid and growled at the girls...1 girl cried she was so scared! He went to apologize and make sure they were all OK...I probably would have done the same thing, so no worries Bishop! Day 3: Ward Wednesday-Scavenger Hunt!-which Atherton Ward won! Of Course! We RULE!! :) We had a Talent Night tonight also...the girls made me go up there to teach them some "everyday dance moves"...(lawn mower, shopping...I have some good ones for next year already planned!) I did a rap for them too...(good thing they are all SUPER young and have never heard of RUN DMC!!)They loved "You Be Illin'!" The Bishops were here on this night too which made it more special for the girls to show off their talents. Day 4: Started out pretty girls learned about the different types of clouds on day 1 and we all spotted some Cumulonimbus clouds overhead...sure enough while we were outside tye-dyeing shirts it started to pour! You know teens...the girls were out dancing around in it! They later went on a hike to the lake also...I opted not to go...I love rain, but only when I'm indoors and snuggled up and can watch it! The sun came out while they were hiking so the girls did get to go canoeing and kayaking. They had a blast and gave me a hard time for being a "wimp" (Kiley Thompson called me!) Testimony meeting tonight...the girls all have a great spirit, and I was glad listening to their testimonies that STARS was the theme! PS...The lodge got TP'd tonight...Hmmm...I wonder what level girls were responsible for that?!! Hallelujah! Day 5: Awards to the girls who passed off their Camp Certification, Secret Sister reveal, and pack up!!! Home again! Home again! Yee-Haw! It was a really great week all in all! Can't wait to see my girls again next year!!

Kiley & Me

Leilani, Lala, the backpack Lala made me...& Me

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